Enforcement assistance

Bac-Flo Unlimited travels to cities to offer assistance with conducting cross connection inspections on high hazard facilities. City water department and plumbing inspection department personnel are welcome to participate in the inspections as a learning experience. Some areas of concentration include customer relations, survey notification, requirement procedures, installation of assemblies, safety awareness and pipe labeling.


  • To consult and assist commercial and industrial businesses in meeting city, state and national backflow prevention requirements.
  • Assist water purveyors and plumbing inspection departments with establishing their cross connection control program. Public presentations are available to explain backflow prevention procedures and associated requirements.
  • Provide assistance to water utilities, plumbing inspection departments and municipalities with inspections for cross connections and assist in difficult situations. Bac-Flo Unlimited conducts Third party cross connection survey's that will include the city's enforcement personnel in the process.
  • Backflow prevention assembly inspection service –  inspect installations to assure regulatory compliance and recommend any necessary modifications for compliance.
  • Backflow prevention assembly troubleshooting services – assist in identifying problems with the operation of backflow prevention assemblies
  • Water use surveys – provide site assessment of cross connection hazards and recommended backflow prevention methods. Conduct cross connection separation testing such as shut-down and dye testing to possibly determine  interconnections with non-potable water sources.